Simplify Your Life: 100 Reasons To Slow Down And Enjoy The Things That Matter – For The College Student #4

Hi! So, if you have read my “about me”, then you would know that I am a college student, starting my second year this fall majoring in dietetics! At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to myself to be more minimalistic, natural, simplistic, and healthy. So far, I seem to be meeting these goals and have wanted to share my journey with others to hopefully inspire and motivate people to do the same!

Anyways, I just finished reading this book I picked up at Book Exchange when I was at Virginia Beach a few weeks ago. The author, Elaine St. James, provides tips and solutions on how to live a more simplistic life. While every tip is extraordinarily helpful, only a few applied to me, currently being a college student. I decided to pick out 10 of the ones I have tried and experienced and thought they would benefit others as well!

#4.) Simplify Your Eating Habits

This might come easy to some and difficult to others whether a college student or not, but it is something I think is important when transitioning into a simple, stress free, healthy lifestyle. In order to do this in the simplest way possible, make your diet one that is filled with simple foods, quick meals that are nutrient dense and healthy, (such as fruits, veggies, whole grains…you know the drill), and stray away from sugary and whipped fruit concoctions and vegetables swimming in gravy and cheese sauces. Also, cut back on red meats and processed foods- I know this can be a tough one since everything now days seems to be able to last years and contains thousands of preservatives, but just do the best you can! Your body will thank you.

I’m not perfect, and even as a Dietetics student, I EAT SWEETS- shocker…I know. There is this thing I like to call balance. Just because you are eating simple meals made up of simple ingredients does not mean you are restricting yourself and “dieting”. You are creating a lifestyle change of, well, simplicity. Life is too short to not enjoy the things you love to eat, just remember to do so in moderation. I mean, I work at Dairy Queen and sometimes its hard for me to resist the ice cream temptation every time I go to work, but I make a rule for myself. I limit and have balance. Maybe if I ate really good that week and I’m going out for a walk that evening I’ll allow myself a little treat, or just limit myself to eating it once a month.

The more simple foods you incorporate the more simple your mind, life, and environment will be. Take it one step at a time and remember to have balance when it comes to the “non-simple” foods you love, or try to remake them healthier!

I hope you give this tip a try and be one step closer in creating a simpler lifestyle for yourself.

May peace, joy, love, and gratitude be with you always.


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