Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways To Slow Down And Enjoy The Things That Matter – For The College Student #6

Hi! So, if you have read my “about me”, then you would know that I am a college student, starting my second year this fall majoring in dietetics! At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution to myself to be more minimalistic, natural, simplistic, and healthy. So far, I seem to be meeting these goals and have wanted to share my journey with others to hopefully inspire and motivate people to do the same!

Anyways, I just finished reading this book I picked up at Book Exchange when I was at Virginia Beach a few weeks ago. The author, Elaine St. James, provides tips and solutions on how to live a more simplistic life. While every tip is extraordinarily helpful, only a few applied to me, currently being a college student. I decided to pick out 10 of the ones I have tried and experienced and thought they would benefit others as well!

#6 Wake Up An Hour Earlier

Imagine how nice it would be if you had an extra hour in the morning to do somethings you’ve been wanting to do like take a walk, go to the gym, read your Bible, meditate, do yoga, or just establish a morning routine in general. Adding an extra hour to your day aside from school, work, and studying is a great way to relieve, as well as prevent, stress and gives yourself a little bit more time to your day to do something meaningful.

Although this is easier said than done, it will add value, richness, peace, and a sense of calmness to your day and give you a new start of simplicity. If you aren’t a morning person like me, try getting up earlier just one day out of the week, then add another day the next week. Once you’ve added every day, you can then start establishing a morning routine that is best for you and your life!

This is something I encourage you to try if you are wanting to have a more simplistic and relaxed lifestyle. It will definitely boost your mood and energy levels!

May peace, joy, love, and gratitude be with you always.




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